R4360702 | Land in Las Chapas – € 2,146,000 – 0 beds, 0 baths

This sector has a total area of 710,458 m², of which 21,458 m² corresponds to this farm. It represents 3.02% of rights and obligations.

The sector has a buildable area of 57,234.29 m² for Free Income Housing IN LOW DENSITY,

380 houses in Poblado Mediterráneo and 11 isolated houses.

Buildable area of 40,362 m² for Hotels.

3,000 m² Economic Activities Golf Club and Commercial Area

Which makes a total of 100,596.29 m² of surface area. Therefore 100,596.29 m² x 3.02% = 3,038 m² of buildable area, which would correspond to this plot.